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    You ain`t goin` nowhere


       G                     Am

1. Clouds so swift, rain won`t lift,

      C                         G

    gate won`t close, railing`s froze.

                                 Am               C                            G

    Get your mind off winter time, you ain`t goin` nowhere.


      G       Am

Whooee! Ride me high,

      C                               G

tomorrow`s the day my bride`s gonna come.

                   Am                  C                           G

Oh, oh, are we gonna fly, down in the easy chair.


    G                                    Am

2. I  don`t care, how many letters you sent,

       C                            G

    morning came and morning went.


    Pick up your money and pick up your tent,

      C                            G

    you ain`t goin` nowhere.  + CHORUS


     G                               Am

3. Buy me a flute and a gun that shoots,

     C                    G

    tail gates and substitutes.


    Strap yourself to the tree with roots,

      C                            G

    you ain`t going nowhere.  + CHORUS


       G                       Am

4. Gengis Khan, he could not keep,

     C                         G

    all his kings supplied with sleep.


    We`ll climb that hill no matter how steep,

       C                        G

    when we get up to it.  + CHORUS

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